Swing is the movement performed in golf, an extremely technical gesture consisting of one torsion of the chest and a series of unnatural actions. What makes the execution of the gesture difficult is essentially the fact of stimulating almost inactive muscles in daily life and the need for good coordination. An extremely personal action that wants to make a series of irregular mechanisms harmonious, giving elegance and style to an “extreme” situation.

The Swing project EVOLVES thanks to the development of new machinery and through sophisticated and modern finishing techniques, capable of giving the fabric elasticity both in chain and in weft, without the use of artificial fibers, through the innovative system increasing this way its multifunctionality.

The articles, studied, designed and created by the style office of Drago Lanificio in Biella, provide an entire wardrobe, thanks to the “flexibility” of the product, suitable for the creation of clothes, jackets and trousers for any situation from formal to sporty.


The special treatment that protect you from viruses

With The HeiQ Viroblock Technology, produced by the Swiss company HeiQ based in Zurich, which is an active leader in technological innovation in the textile field, Drago S.p.A. has created a new and particular manufacturing process in the finishing phase: its name is PROTECTION SHIELD, a cutting edge processing suitable for all the garments produced with pure merino wool. PROTECTION SHIELD is based upon HeiQ Viroblock chemical-technological principles. This innovative Swiss Technologly is ISO – 18184 certified and protects textiles from microbes and germs. HeiQ Viroblock acts through a targeted action that deactivate viruses, depleting the cholesterol content in their viral membrane; viruses are blocked by further silver-based technologies that activate high-spectrum antiviral reactions, attracting viruses and binding them permanently to their sulfur groups. In the laboratory HeiQ Viroblock technology has been proven to deactivate viruses SARS COV2, or COVID 19 by up to 99,99%.  

High Quality Fabrics

The Drago fabrics contain the values of the selection of raw material and the excellent quality of the yarns that compose them. The Italian tradition and revisited in an innovative way to lighten the weight and gives more suitable to modern life, a more contemporary look to meet the needs of the most sophisticated clients. The attention to detail and quality culture make Drago fabrics the choice of the most important international brands of men’s clothing. Drago brings the Italian taste in the world.