Everything began in 1973 when the founders of the Drago family created the historical spinning company, real referring point for the main wool mills in Biella. Over the years the company earned a major share of the market becoming leader in its field and since 1980 it has developed an efficient international sales network around the world. At the same time joined the company the sons Paolo and Daniela, that with targeted studies and innovative ideas strongly contributed to the expansion of the Group. In 1993, the Drago family acquires Lanificio Fintes, expanding so its structure and giving life to the new fabrics division. An important choice that over the years has brought Drago Lanificio in Biella to consolidate its brand, incorporating in 2001 the Lanificio Fintes within the Drago Group.


DRAGO is an Italian company that produces quality fabrics for men. The values of the Italian tradition are interpreted in a modern and innovative way. DRAGO is a fully integrated woolen mill: from careful selection of the best raw materials Drago produces internally more than 1.7 million meters of high quality fabric that exports worldwide. In addition to a strong presence in the Italian market the Drago fabrics are appreciated by the best international brands, especially in Japan, Korea and the United States.


The productive structure of Drago is in Biella, the factories are situated in Lessona and Verrone. The spinning department is equipped with the latest generation machines and modern laboratory for the real-time quality controls on fiber and yarns. In the weaving department there are a modern frames able to realize the extra-fine fabrics. In Verrone, the finishing department provides the ‘hand’ to the fabrics. The styling office is located in Verrone, while the sales and administration offices are in Lessona.



Year founded

Meters produced

The Drago Family


The Drago family is active in the textile industry for over 40 years. The strength of the family gives great impetus to business growth, as the Italian model teaches. Paolo Drago, President and CEO, leads the company with the important support of his parents, Umberto and Laura who founded the company in the years’ 70, and Daniela, his sister, engaged in the administrative area. Gabriele Mellina, Daniela’s husband, is entered in the company as IT manager, while Paolo’s wife, Mirka Maron Pot, deals with the Bespoke division.


The Drago group is based on innovation and research, especially on human resources, important department carefully followed by the president of Drago Spa, Paolo Drago, always wise and cautious in the selection of new figures to be included within the various departments. This has led to the inclusion of important manager, thus forming a staff of motivated and qualified professional people. Leading the commercial division is Enrico Pincin, with a great international experience, which coordinates a competent and specialized sales force. Elegance, dynamism and structure are the key points of the style office, led by chief designer Piero Rolando, carrying out thru research, study and tests the new Drago products.


The value of a company is also measured with that of their team that shares the guidelines drawn from the property with professionalism and passion. The sales area has gained a lot of experience with strong customer orientation and integrates the offer of products with a high level of service. The technical department, supported by business investment in the most advanced technologies, employs a staff of industry experts that operate by pursuing the values of quality and production efficiency. The administrative area, in addition to qualified internal skills, has also specialized professional support.

Drago supports FAI - Fondo Ambiente Italiano


Environmental commitment

Drago Spa, increasingly attentive to the constant evolution of the development process and renovation of all business activities, works to ensure that all the various steps in the production process, both internal and external, are carried out with a view to eco-sustainability in full compliance with environmental respect and of the existing norms, thus achieving excellence through the overcoming of standard values. Drago Spa started with this project in cooperation with some important customers since 2016 in order to develop and implement new programs for environmental safeguard; this will bring inside the Biella Company to a significant evolution reaching very important targets. This project will be supported by the use of new technologies that can reduce consumption and help us improve our production and quality.Drago spa – Environment declaration

Excellent raw materials

Drago carefully selects the best wool from Australia and New Zealand, by subjecting each batch to all laboratory tests to guarantee to consumers the fineness parameters declared in the tissues. The selected fineness started from Super 130’S to Super 210’S, rare and precious fabric to the most exclusive suits. The White cashmere comes from Mongolia and it is used alone or with the finest wool, to complete the luxury line. Among the fibers used there is also a nice selection of linen, silk and other special fibers to realize the sophisticated and valuable blends.

High Quality Yarns

The creation of each DRAGO fabric begins from the selection of quality yarns. deep knowledge in spinning extra fine worsted wool and constant updating of our production, allows to the design office to use sophisticated and innovative yarns, essential ingredients for creating important effects. Special yarns, organzines, bouclé, are cleverly combined to create new fabrics for the new collections.

High Quality Fabrics

The Drago fabrics contain the values of the selection of raw material and the excellent quality of the yarns that compose them. The Italian tradition and revisited in an innovative way to lighten the weight and gives more suitable to modern life, a more contemporary look to meet the needs of the most sophisticated clients. The attention to detail and quality culture make Drago fabrics the choice of the most important international brands of men’s clothing. Drago brings the Italian taste in the world.


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Headquarter and Sale office

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