The Drago family is active in the textile industry for over 40 years. The strength of the family gives great impetus to business growth, as the Italian model teaches. Paolo Drago, President and CEO, leads the company with the important support of his parents, Umberto and Laura who founded the company in the years’ 70, and Daniela, his sister, engaged in the administrative area. Gabriele Mellina, Daniela’s husband, is entered in the company as IT manager, while Paolo’s wife, Mirka Maron Pot, deals with the Bespoke division.


The Drago group is based on innovation and research, especially on human resources, important department carefully followed by the president of Drago Spa, Paolo Drago, always wise and cautious in the selection of new figures to be included within the various departments. This has led to the inclusion of important manager, thus forming a staff of motivated and qualified professional people. Leading the commercial division is Enrico Pincin, with a great international experience, which coordinates a competent and specialized sales force. Elegance, dynamism and structure are the key points of the style office, led by chief designer Piero Rolando, carrying out thru research, study and tests the new Drago products.


The value of a company is also measured with that of their team that shares the guidelines drawn from the property with professionalism and passion. The sales area has gained a lot of experience with strong customer orientation and integrates the offer of products with a high level of service. The technical department, supported by business investment in the most advanced technologies, employs a staff of industry experts that operate by pursuing the values of quality and production efficiency. The administrative area, in addition to qualified internal skills, has also specialized professional support.

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