Drago Tutorial Lab

It’s the new important project in order to lead our friends, customer, and all followers into the fabric world!

The Story

We’re proud to present a new video series! We’ll be featuring the history of the Drago family, exploring our in depth knowledge of yarn spinning, raw material, fine wool products, and more! Shot on location in Biella, we’ll have subtitles available for you to enjoy wherever you are.

Raw materials

Drago carefully selects the best wool from Australia and New Zealand, by subjecting each batch to all laboratory tests to guarantee to consumers the fineness parameters declared in the tissues. The selected fineness started from Super 130’S to Super 210’S, rare and precious fabric to the most exclusive suits. The White cashmere comes from Mongolia and it is used alone or with the finest wool, to complete the luxury line. Among the fibers used there is also a nice selection of linen, silk and other special fibers to realize the sophisticated and valuable blends.

Style office

Study, research and innovation distinguish our creative department, that with the Marketing Department also works on the realization of special “projects”, like Rugby flannel, BlueFeel or Skyfall adding to exclusive products also a communication support. With also the support of last-generation technologies, like CAD program. They realize exclusive products with high performance, but are at the same time able to convey the true Drago style, synonymous of elegance and quality

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