New Collection

Fall winter 2023


Stepping out of the box of the traditional formula of presenting the collection, the Drago Group managers wanted to create a stand capable of taking the customer inside the new proposals that will characterise winter 23, savouring the group’s style through a selection of dedicated outfits. A series of garments that represent the dress code of the true gentleman for every situation from formal to informal, from a social event to a Gala dinner, always combining contemporaneity with tradition but above all maintaining the excellent quality of Drago fabrics. The iconic Skyfall is the emblem of a modern, fresh yet dynamic and elegant collection. With its 14.5 micron wool, it gives the group of fabrics in the Skyfall developments a soft and delicate hand, making it finer than the finest cashmere, thus lending an incredible sophistication to future garments. Very attentive to the principles of sustainability, the style office has also created a green collection, studied, designed and produced through the use of certified wools from partner ‘Farm’ Lal Lal Estate, based in Victoria, Australia. There is no shortage of iconic outerwear made through the use of noble fibres such as cashmere, silk and alpaca, enriching the FallWinter 23 collection with a series of articles of absolute value.

High Quality Fabrics

The Drago fabrics contain the values of the selection of raw material and the excellent quality of the yarns that compose them. The Italian tradition and revisited in an innovative way to lighten the weight and gives more suitable to modern life, a more contemporary look to meet the needs of the most sophisticated clients. The attention to detail and quality culture make Drago fabrics the choice of the most important international brands of men’s clothing. Drago brings the Italian taste in the world.

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