Important news concerning Drago products, starting from the official presentation of the new Vantage3 bunch made with a new concept studied in detail to give the final customer, not just a product, but a work tool, elegant, functional and exclusive

Inside the new Vantage3 we find a fantasy line and a classic line so as to create a wide and contemporary choice, able to satisfy the most demanding customers. In addition, the new Vantage3 was also realized in a Luxury format through the use of Nubuck leather, in honnor of Mr. Umberto Drago founder of Drago Spa.

The multifunctionality finds its maximum expression through the new project, with a performance of elasticity up to 15% and with the use
of wool, silk, linen and cotton without the presence of natural resources. Through the style office of Drago Lanificio in Biella has introduced a new concept of “multifunctional” fabric, able to guarantee comfort and functionality at 360 ° but effective also to “compose” a
wardrobe product, thanks to the “ductility” of the product, suitable for making dresses, jackets and trousers.

A fresh and renewed collection, which sees a vast choice of solutions thanks to the line of clothes made in plain weave, twill and batavia through very fine merino wool in super 130’s with weights ranging from 210 to 260g. also enriched by the innovative wool-linen dress – 230-240g

A sample book also enriched by a selection of Luxury items, composed of the Super 160’S, flagship of Drago Lanificio in Biella, made for the new season also in wool silk and linen. To complete the Luxury collection we find the very fine Super 180’s and Super 210’s.

Particular attention was paid to the development of jackets, made through the use of noble fibers, such as Cachemire, silk and linen, able to give a Frisé appearance and thus able to enhance the chromatic

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